Who needs BlueBassScales

With the BlueScalesTrainer for guitar it made sense to implement this also for the bassists as the BlueBassScales app. Shouldn't be that heavy, there are only 2 strings less. But then I thought of the 5-string fans and the whole thing got a bit more complex.

But now the app for bass players is also ready. With the same functions as the BlueScalesTrainer, but lot more playalong songs from easy to difficult with a bass mutable. Here are the main points I wanted to achieve:

  • The scales should be displayed while playing, so it needs a music audio player
  • New songs should be analyzed to show you the key of a song
  • The scales should then be displayed individually in large size and as an overview, matching the selected song
  • Overview and single view of scale patterns should be switched by foot pedal
  • Both Bass types 4/5-String and a lot more Playalong loops.

Thanks to my app BlueScalesTrainer I already had the base for most of the things, only the scales for 5-string Bass needs to be added. I also took over the effect section, so that you can use the 7 audio effects in the BlueBassScales as well.

And since I don't want to learn exotic Scales or become a full-time Scales Guru, I only implemented the main Scales Major, Minor, both Pentatonic and Blues Scales. To make it easier finding matching chords, there is an info line and also a chord list with chord images in 6 versions.

We packed all of that into our compact BlueBassScales App. If you like to know which Bluetooth PageTurner pedals will work, there are suggestions in the Bluetooth setup.